Current System Changes

Interest and orders have been high since I made the Phase2 public in 2007. The waitlist has been consistently 8-10 months, with order stops whenever the wait-time was too long.

Unfortunately, the covid pandemic has resulted in unreliable international postage. Shipping is one thing, but this is a design project. I don't just ship and forget. Often I try something and it doesn't work out. I need to be able to inspect and repair or replace prostheses. Especially for that, postage needs to be fast, inexpensive, and reliable.

In spring and early summer I ended up loosing several packages, others took many months to arrive.  Then border closures meant completed prosthesis waiting to ship... then me deciding to re-make each one so they would be up to date rather than a prostheses I improved on weeks or months back.. It was expensive and frustrating all round.

I decided to restrict orders until things cleared up,

But it seems things are not clearing up anytime soon.

Right now I am working on a new system:  One with less risk with postage. Once I work it all out, I plan to open up to more orders again.

Currently I am accepting orders from

Germany, and

the EU, when no postage restrictions, and only from people who have a previously ordered and received a prosthesis from me (because we already have a level of mutual understanding and trust).

Currently I am making the t2 Phase4 prosthesis only.

All round I'm able to put more time into the Phase4 design than usual. The extra time and all the background work over the years means the design is advancing at a good rate. If you have ideas or  wishes for the prosthesis, now is a good time to share them with me.