No Hype policy

There is nothing like the t2 Phase4 – no packer/prosthesis/epithesis similar in function comfort or realism,


They are not better than every advertisement you see online.

So what does that mean??  Please contact me with your individual questions. I answer e-mails thoroughly and honestly.

In the spirit of “show not sell”, I don’t advertise online – I want no hype. I want people to order, be pleased with the results and to support the ongoing work of this project. t2 prosthetics lives from ‘word of mouth’.

There was always more than enough ‘word of mouth’. Then came Covid with international post restrictions, and prostheses were being lost in route. As delivery was no longer certain, I had to refuse most orders for over two years. All that has had a big effect –

This project needs people talking again - please spread the word.


Please read Section 1 of terms and conditions  'Project Concept'.

And be aware of the repair policy, and that the guarantee is no longer than 3-months. Details in terms and conditions and at repairs.