Terms and Conditions


The terms and conditions explain what you may and may not expect from me. Please read them and contact me if you have questions.


1.   Project concept
2.    Contacting t2 prosthetics
3.    No-Refund-No Returns Policy
4.    Choice of customers
5.    The Deposit
6.    Wait times
7.    Final payment / Cancelations
8.    Cancellations
9.    Holds
10.  Pricing
11.  Privacy Policy
12.  Repair Policy
13.  Limited Warranty
14.  3-month product guarantee
15.  Disclaimers

1.   Project Concept 

t2 prosthetics is a design project to create the perfect prosthesis.


The purpose of this project is the creation of the “perfect prosthesis”

In terms of looks, feel, function, comfort, as well as affordability, availability, and longevity.

It’s a long and ongoing process which I began in 2002.

(as far as I know….) there is no male genitalia epithesis/prosthesis worldwide, in the same league as the prostheses I make. 

A note on price and expectations


You may find this surprising, but - I sell the prostheses for a very low price.



How do I set the price?


1. As low as possible to ease availability


2. High enough to cover costs and sustainability  


My goal is the creation of the perfect prosthesis, and that is expensive.

The price covers production of the specific prosthesis as well as all that goes into making the prostheses possible.


3. To sell to individuals, not to medical companies.


I follow the necessary steps for cost coverage, but have no business relationships with insurance companies.


Why don’t I work directly with insurance companies?

Very few people have access to cost coverage for trans related care. Working directly with insurance companies would mean added costs = more expensive prostheses for everyone else.





I’m always improving the design.

Durability is one central focus, but the prostheses are made of soft silicone, and soft silicone does not last long   =   The prosthesis cannot be guaranteed to last.

I offer the 3 month guarantee. It may last much longer, but I can’t afford to guarantee more than 3-months.

Also, this is handwork in the realm of a design project   =   My production forms are temporary and imperfect = There will always be blemishes and markings.



What I ask for


This is a design project. What you are buying is the latest prototype. I sell the prostheses to

1. Fund my work, and

2. Because I need people testing them – I need to know what works well and what to change.

Please order only if you are willing and able to support this project, and are interested and willing to be part of the design process (i.e.: give constructive feedback, report problems, and be patient when something goes wrong).

2.    Contacting t2 prosthetics


All contact is through e-mail. I do my best to answer all e-mails within 3 days of reception.  I don’t have the capacity to accept visitors to the workshop, or phone calls.


3.     No-Refund-No Returns Policy

The prostheses cannot be sold if returned, for this reason, I HAVE AN ABSOLUTE NO REFUNDS/NO RETURNS POLICY.


4.   Choice of clients

Due to the nature of the project, t2 prosthetics reserves the right to choose its clients. I am under no obligation to make a prosthetic for any specific person. If at any point during the order process I wish to cancel an order, I may do so. The deposit will be refunded, but costs incurred may be deducted from the deposit paid.


Please note: I only cancel orders in extreme circumstances. Since I began selling the Phase1 in January 2005, I cancelled three orders under this clause. 


5. The Deposit


An order is confirmed when t2 prosthetics has confirmed receipt of the deposit in the amount specified on the website.

The deposit is non-refundable.


 6.  Wait times


Current wait time estimates are always available through e-mail.

Please be aware that I cannot guarantee wait times prior to order as I have no way of knowing how many orders I will receive at any given time.

When your order is confirmed, I confirm your scheduled ship date.

Actual ship date may be a bit later as it is not possible to guarantee the timeline so long in advance.



7.  Final payment / Cancellations


I will send you a payment invoice for final payment about 6 weeks before your prosthesis due date. I need to have received payment in full one month before posting your prosthesis.

If I don’t receive a response (payment or request for a hold within 2 weeks of sending the invoice) I will cancel your order.
You will not receive a refund for the deposit if your order is cancelled because you did not respond to the invoice.

I will send the invoice, and I will assume that you have received it. Sometimes the invoices end up in a spam filter. If it is one month before the scheduled ship date, and you have not received an e-mail with an invoice from me, please contact me. When I don’t receive a response, I assume the person has decided to cancel their order.

8.  Cancellations

If you choose to cancel your order, you may do so via e-mail at any time before sending the final payment. The deposit however, is non-refundable: If you cancel your order, you do not get the deposit back.



9.   Holds


To place your order on hold, send me an e-mail stating you wish to place your order on hold. This e-mail must be received and confirmed by t2 prosthetics.

The order hold must be received - at the very latest - two weeks after I have sent the final invoice for your prosthesis (one month before the scheduled prosthesis ship date). 

If you place your order on hold, your ship date will be re-scheduled.  The date will be the earliest available according to current t2 prosthetics production schedule. You will receive a reminder 6 weeks before the new estimated ship date. You then have the option to request a second hold, in which case the process will repeat as above, or to pay the final payment and receive your prosthesis as scheduled.

If, you need a third hold, your deposit will remain as a deposit towards your order, but you will be required to wait for a due date as if it is a new order (the entire wait-time for new orders). There is no 4th hold option: after 3 holds, your order will be cancelled.

While your order is on hold, it is your responsibility to inform t2 prosthetics of any changes to the e-mail address I have on file as your contact address. If I am unable to inform you of updates to your order through the e-mail address I have on file, this may result in cancellation of your order.



10.  Pricing

I reserve the right to change the price to receive a prosthesis and the amount of deposit needed. If and when such changes are made, the changes will be visible on the website.

Of course, if you have paid the deposit for your prosthesis, I will not change the price for your prosthesis.

For current information see pricing
For replacement parts pricing see Repairs


11.   Privacy Policy

Client and contact privacy

Your personal information is kept in strict confidence.

The following have access to data relevant to their services: website and e-mail hosting, postage (Deutsche Post, DHL), bank, Paypal (or other money transfer companies used by you), bookkeeping, 

In accordance with German business and consumer laws, I may be required at some point to show tax relevant records and paperwork to the Bureau of Finance (Finanzamt).

Product privacy

Please feel free to write reviews, tell others about your prosthesis or experience with t2 prosthetics. I ask you to do so with respect to the project, prostheses, and other people who consider their prostheses as part of their body.

Respect for clients needs is central to t2 prosthetics. Due to the nature of the prostheses many prefer privacy, and I would like to encourage you to use discretion as well.

Aside from the website, t2 prosthetics does not:

Display photos or descriptions for the public

Display prostheses at public venues*

Prostheses are not available in retail venues

     * At the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference June 2014, Simple prostheses were displayed to conference participants. Phase3’s were displayed to individuals upon specific request.


12.  Repair Policy

Note: As of August 2022, the prostheses are made with individual parts that can be replaced by you. Please see the ‘Repairs’ page of this website for details.

For new prostheses, please also see the 3-month guarantee here below

In case of problems: Please e-mail me and explain the problem.

Most problems can be resolved through e-mail.  Please keep up the communication, if you fail to respond to my e-mails within a reasonable timeframe, I will consider the issue resolved.

If the problem can’t be fixed through e-mail, the prosthesis may need to be returned for repair, and you will need to pay for repair time and replacement parts.

I will not accept prostheses without prior consultation: Prostheses returned without my ok and instructions will not be accepted and will be returned unopened to sender.

Please note: There is no guarantee that your prosthesis can be repaired, you may need to buy a new one (Each prosthesis has a 3-month guarantee as outlined here below).



13.  Limited Warranty


What's not guaranteed

  • No guarantee that the prosthesis will reduce or ease a personal genital dysphoria.

  • No guarantee that the knob will work for you (it may not be intense enough, it may be too intense).

  • No guarantee on colour satisfaction, you choose the colour from the pigment samples. The final colour will be as close to the pigment sample as possible, slight variations may occur.

  • No guarantee that the adhesive will bond the prosthesis to your skin. (Please read the adhesive information carefully)

  • No guarantee that the prosthesis will stay attached for any specific length of time or situation. (Please read the adhesive information carefully)

  • No guarantee on how long it will take you to pump to erection. The time estimate on the website is an estimate based on trials and is an estimate only.

  • No guarantee on life expectancy for your prosthetic after the 3-month product guarantee as outlined here below.

  • No guarantee that I am able to repair your prosthesis if broken or damaged. (Please see repair policy above)


What is guaranteed

  • Each prosthesis is checked for faults and tested for function before leaving the workshop.

  • The pumping and release mechanism function correctly, if not I will replace or repair the prosthesis under the terms of the 3-month guarantee. (See below)

  • The pumping time estimates quoted on the website are true estimates based on results from t2 prosthetics testing.

  • All photos and videos are real and unaltered.

  • The colour has been matched to your chosen pigment sample to best of my ability.

  • The adhesive bond time estimates quoted on the website are true estimates based on results from t2 prosthetics testing, by people with whom medical adhesive functions as intended. (Please read the adhesive information carefully)

  • The prosthesis is designed to stay attached to the body, with the use of silicone based medical adhesive. If silicone based medical adhesive is used as directed by t2 prosthetics and the adhesive company, and the bond fails, the failure is due to the adhesive, and not the design of the prosthesis.  

  • The descriptions on the website are accurate and not exaggerated.


14.   3-month product guarantee

When you order a prosthesis from t2 prosthetics, you are part of a project. I am doing all I can to increase durability, comfort, ease of function and improve aesthetics in male genital prostheses.

The Phase_ prostheses are the design project, therefore the design is not constant. New changes don't always work. Please be prepared to contact me if problems arise, to encounter frustration if something does not work as planned, to work with me and to be patient.
Communication over problems encountered with the prostheses is essential for the t2 prosthetics project as it lets me know where to improve on the design.

Please note: 

  • All prostheses are marked and photographed for t2 prosthetics records.

  • The guarantee is for the original owner only.

  • During the guarantee period, I will repair or replace a faulty or damaged prosthesis under the terms outlined here below. After the guarantee period, repair or replacement fees apply (see repair policy here above)

The guarantee is void if you do not comply with the following:

  • Read, and follow the instructions sent with your prosthesis.

  • Inform me as soon as possible in case of problems or questions in order to avoid or decrease potential damage to the prosthesis.

  • Keep your prosthesis clean, as dirt and grime will greatly decrease the life of the prosthesis, (as well as alter the colour).

  • Do not use any cleaning method or substance which is not recommended by t2 prosthetics, as they may harm and shorten the life of the prosthesis.

  • Keep your prosthesis safe and away from sharp objects, chemical substances or other obvious dangers to the prosthesis, as they may damage the prosthesis.

  • Use the prosthetic for intended use only: prosthetic genitalia.

  • If you use adhesive to attach the prosthesis: Use only silicone based medical adhesive: only on the attachment plates and only as instructed, as other products and methods may damage the prosthesis.

Guarantee Specifics

  • The outer ‚skin’ of the prosthesis if through normal use and care as outlined above, the prosthesis skin develops a hole or rip within the first 3-months after receipt, t2 prosthetics will replace the skin. The guarantee exclusively covers damage or fault beyond normal wear and tear: holes and rips due to production failure. Colour changes or other signs of use and wear are not under guarantee.

In addition to the points noted above, failure to comply with the following voids the guarantee:

The Attachment Plate

  • The attachment plate may need to be periodically cleared of adhesive. This can be done best by cutting the adhesive off with scissors. This must be done carefully. If unsure of how to do this, contact t2 prosthetics. I will explain the process. Cuts or rips to the attachment area/plate caused by improper adhesive removal are not covered under the guarantee.

  • Use adhesives as directed by t2 prosthetics. Damage caused by adhesive or glue is not covered under guarantee. (Silicone based medical adhesive will not damage your prosthetic, many other glues and adhesives will.)


The skin (aside from the plate)

  • You are responsible for keeping your prosthetic clean, damage to the skin resulting from improper cleaning are not covered under the guarantee.

  • Colour is not under guarantee. The best way to keep the colour as it is when purchased is to keep it clean. (The best way to keep it clean is to wash regularly with soap or hair shampoo.)

  • If you choose to wear a harness or to attach the prosthesis with a method other than adhering it to your skin with medical adhesive or alternatives outlined on this website: rips or holes formed in the skin of the prosthesis due to contact with the harness or holder are not covered under guarantee.

  • You are responsible for keeping the inside of the skin clean and free of foreign objects.

  • The guarantee does not cover damage due to any objects inserted or pumped or placed into the prosthesis. Never insert anything except lubricant (and lubricant only as instructed) into your prosthesis.

The Internal Parts

Pump and internal mechanism

The pumping mechanism is made up of several parts all of which must function in order for the pumping mechanism to function correctly. If through normal use, damage to internal parts results in inability to pump to erection, hold an erection, or release and erection, within the first 3-months after receipt, t2 prosthetics will repair and/or replace the damaged or faulty part(s).

  • The prosthesis is designed to hold enough air to form and sustain a firm erection for a reasonable length of time. Pumping too much air into the prosthesis may damage the prosthesis. Pump as instructed in the instructions you receive from t2 prosthetics, and never attempt to pump with an external pump.  Damage to the prosthesis due to attempting to pump with an external pump is not covered under the guarantee.

  • You are responsible for keeping the internal mechanism clean and free of foreign objects.

  • The guarantee does not cover damage due to any objects inserted or pumped or placed into the prosthesis. Never insert anything into the pump mechanism or related parts of your prosthesis.


Guarantee Process

If during the first 3-months after receipt, you find your prosthesis to be faulty or damaged under the terms of the guarantee, please e-mail me and outline the problem.

Resolving the issue, repair or replacement of your prosthesis will be a top priority. 

If you fail to respond to my e-mails within a reasonable timeframe, I will consider the issue resolved. (If that happens after the guarantee period, you will have lost your chance for repair or replacement free of charge. If the time has been too long, you may have even lost your chance for repair. )

If the problem can’t be fixed through e-mail, and the prosthetic needs to be returned for repair, I will give you postage instructions. Return postage must be done as instructed by me. 

Prosthetics returned for repair without consultation and an ok from me, will not be accepted and will be returned unopened to you, and t2 prosthetics will take no responsibility for loss or damage to prostheses during postage.


15.  Disclaimers

In the following disclaimers, ‘the customer’/ ‘owner’ 'client' 'tester' and/or ‘wearer of the prosthesis’ is hereby referred to as ‘you’. t2 prosthetics is referred to as ‘I’ ‘me’ ‘t2 prosthetics’.


General Liability Terms

  • t2 prosthetics takes no responsibility for prosthesis not directly received from t2 prosthetics. Service, guarantee, repairs, are for the original owner only.
  • The prosthesis are produced and sold for trans men and people on the trans male spectrum, as well as intersex and/or non binary people who want the prosthesis as a body part. A person who purchases a prosthesis for any other reasons has done so under false pretense and has no entitlement to any claims to guarantees, services from t2 prosthetics, legal proceedings against t2 prosthetics for any reason relating to the product, purchase, or service.

Realism and camouflage

Despite what you might read and see online, there is no penis prosthesis which truly looks and feels just like a natural penis:

  • If you shower naked in a public shower, expect others to notice your prosthesis.

  • Expect sexual partners will know that it is a prosthesis.

  • Doctors who touch the prosthesis through clothing may know that it is a prosthesis.

  • If you enter an airport body scanner while wearing the prosthesis, the prosthesis will most likely be noticed

  • The attachment plate is likely to be seen and felt by anyone who sees you naked or touches the attachment plate.

  • The colour will not match your skin colour exactly, and will vary according to lighting (sunlight, inside lights, shadow)

  • The prosthesis does not look like the natural body part under close scrutiny.

  • The prosthesis does not feel like the natural body part under close scrutiny.


Comfort and function

  • If you glue the prosthesis to the body, please understand that anything glued on may unglue.

  • The erection is not spontaneous. You must pump the ball with one hand to create an erection.

  • The intensity of the physical sensation brought on by the knob is different for everyone. It may be uncomfortable for you. It may be non- stimulant for you. There is no guarantee that the knob will function for you as hoped and designed to.

  • The prosthesis is designed to be attached with the methods outlined on this website, and must be attached to the body in order to stay in place (to ‚sit’ comfortably and look natural). Use of a harness may damage the prosthesis by causing the skin of the prosthesis the rub down and/or rip. (Damage caused by use of an attachment method other than outlined on this website and then instructed upon receipt of prosthesis is not covered under the guarantee.)

  • For those who are waiting for phalloplasty, Please be aware of the following before ordering:  If you have decided to undergo phalloplasty despite the current risks, expected results and shortcomings of phalloplasty, you are likely to have priorities which will not be met with a prosthesis.

Adhesion, Adhesives, Adhesion system

  • t2 prosthetics is exempt from all claims to responsibility in any way involving the effectiveness, procurement, use, misuse, function, usage, sale, delivery or any other aspect related to the purchase and aquisition of medical or other adhesives and/ or solvents/ adhesive removers.

  • t2 prosthetics may recommend a seller or distributor as well as specific adhesives and adhesion related products, but takes no responsibility for  information (links, prices, product details) being correct or up to date.

  • The prostheses are designed to attach securely to the skin. I do not take responsibility for the adhesive, and make it clear that: currently available medical adhesives - though they work well for most people, for some they do not work at all.  Warning: Never use anything other than silicone based medical adhesive to adhere your prosthesis to your skin. Other substances may damage the prosthesis and/or your skin.


Liability Disclaimers, inherent risks

t2 prosthetics is not responsible for how you use, wear and care for your prosthesis. I am available to answer questions and share tips and advice. I supply instructions for use and care. It is your responsibility to:

  • Keep your prosthesis clean for your safety and hygiene and for that of your sexual partners.

  • Practice safer sex practices to help reduce the spread of sexually transmitted disease (STD’s). To wear condoms where applicable and keep your prosthesis clean.

  • Be aware that: as with all genital prostheses and ‘packers’ they are not ideal for genital area health. Keeping a piece of plastic or silicone in your underwear increases risk of infection, and skin irritation. The area is warmer, moisture may build up, air circulation is decreased. All of which may lead to increased bacteria growth. Wearing a genital prosthetic, as with wearing various choices of clothing, is done at your own risk, and the decision to do so is your own, and not the responsibility of t2 prosthetics. 

  • Take care of your skin. Keep your skin clean, and in case of rash or irritation of the skin, contact t2 prosthetics for information and/or advice. To remove the prosthesis until the condition improves. (The prosthesis and adhesive will not cause any adverse reaction, but improper cleaning may allow bacterial growth which could cause irritation).

  • Use the adhesive as instructed by t2 prosthetics and the adhesive company. t2 prosthetics takes no responsibility for damage to your skin or to the prosthetic due to improper adhesive or adhesive application.

  • Use the erection pump as instructed: to pump only with the hand pump. Discomfort or problems arising from any part of the prosthetic bursting due to over pumping are not the responsibility of t2 prosthetics. (Bursting will not cause injury, but would damage the prosthesis.)

  • Ensure that the prosthesis is attached to your body. t2 prosthetics takes no responsibility for any aspect related to the adhesive or its usage, including taking no responsibility for any results due to failed adhesion.


Project Continuation disclaimers

  • t2 prosthetics reserves the right to discontinue the t2 prosthetics project at any time, in which case clients with outstanding orders will be informed and payments reimbursed. Repairs and replacement services and options however would be discontinued. (Don’t worry, I plan to be around for a long time)

  • t2 prosthetics reserves the right to ‘pause’ the project at any time, in which case clients with outstanding orders will be informed and payments reimbursed or held onto after consultations and agreement between both parties. Repairs services may also be placed on hold if necessary.

  • t2 prosthetics reserves the right to make changes to the prosthesis design without informing clients or noting the changes on the website. Such changes can include alterations to size and aesthetics, as well as to materials.


External links

  • This website contains links to other websites; t2 prosthetics is not responsible for their content.


Website wording

  • In case of doubt as to the meaning, legal or otherwise, of any information found on this website, the English version will prevail.


Unenforceable terms and provisions

  • If any part of the disclaimers, guarantee policy or other legally binding wording of this website are found by a court of competent jurisdiction to be void or unenforceable, the balance hereof shall nevertheless be carried into effect.