Orders from outside the EU - New

Thank you for patiently waiting to order. I'm now accepting orders from several overseas countries.  

These new conditions apply to all orders from outside of the EU


Expect a wait at customs, and a longer ship time than usual. (How long it takes is different for each destination country, and the estimations changes often). see Postage.

Unfortunately there are many countries I can’t ship to. Please contact me to ask if I can send to your location.


I accept paypal for the deposit. I no longer accept paypal for the main payment (Paypal is expensive and there are new and better ways to send international transfers.) See Payment Methods.


You choose your pigment from the photos and description on the Pigments page of this website. You can also contact me for help via e-mail. 


I am not accepting return postage from outside the EU. This means I can’t perform any repairs on your prosthesis.

BUT to get around this... I’ve changed the design of the prosthesis.

Now you can -relatively easily- replace individual parts of your own prosthesis.

You purchase replacement parts when needed, and you receive how-to instructions from me. see Repairs.


The 3-month Guarantee


The only change to this guarantee is that I cannot perform the repair of the prosthesis because it can’t be returned to me.  But – you can repair it on your own with instructions and parts from me (no cost to you during the 3-month guarantee time, subject to section 12. Repair Policy at Terms and Conditions). 


In the interest of keeping this project going: I need some concentration of orders from within the EU. This may result in someone within the EU receiving an order faster than someone outside of the EU. See Wait-times.