For prostheses,

for information on pigment service (available within the EU only) see pigments

All prostheses are shipped from Germany.

Postage is included in the price. 

Postage Service specifics

Deutsche Post, DHL or DHL express

Insured against damage or loss

Online-tracking service

Delivery with signature only

Delivered to a street address or DHL Packstation (PO boxes are not accepted).

Orders sent outside of the EU are sent with a customs declaration and a commercial invoice. (Details here below)

Depending on destination, usually takes a few days to 2 weeks. 

(Since Covid, it can take much longer to destinations outside of the EU)


Package labeling/ discretion

All packages are sent in plain brown boxes.

Orders sent within the EU 

Your package does not go through customs. It is sent like a domestic order. = No description or labeling on or in the package = no one needs to know what is in the box. You do not pay any import taxes or fees.

Orders sent to countries outside the EU

Your package will pass through customs, and you may be contacted before clearance.
Your country might charge you taxes or fees  (see pricing and tax).

All packages are labeled in accordance with all known import/export laws to facilitate safe and problem free arrival.

The customs declaration and commercial invoice will be on the box and will include the price paid (minus project fees where applicable), the international customs code for prosthetic limbs in general, and the following description written in English:

Prosthetic limb, external. Moulded silicone.

I will send you a Pdf copy of the commercial invoice in an e-mail.


Please be aware that there is no privacy with customs. Packages may be opened or scanned.

Since the covid pandemic international postage and customs controls have become much slower. Please be aware that delivery may take much longer than expected and you may be required to fill in additional paperwork for your local customs agency.

I hope the customs process to be simple and uneventful. Please contact me if you experience any problems, so that I can continue to gather information and make adjustments where possible.


Please contact me if your prosthesis is currently being held at customs and you need help or additional information from me.

Note:  Some countries do not allow the import of these prostheses or charge extremely high fees.Others request Paperwork that I cannot provide. Some destinations loose too many packages (especially since the Covid pandemic). Please contact me to ask if I can send to the country you are in.