t2-prosthetics creates exceptionally comfortable, realistic, easily functioning and durable male genital prostheses. Since spring of 2007, internationally recognized for designing the most advanced external male genital prostheses available anywhere in the world. Since 2002, this has been an ongoing project based on respect for the bodies, needs, image, comfort and sex drives of trans men and people on the trans male spectrum. Hundreds of people around the world actively support this project with their ideas, words, and orders to fund its continuation.
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January 2014 We are now offering the option to purchase great high quality simple prosthesis (no erection pump, but with an optional STP*). Click here to be redirected to t2 prosthetics’ simple prosthesis website and away from the t2- project website. The simple prostheses are much easier for us to make and the time saved will allow us to concentrate on the Phase3 design. Yes, we continue to make Phase3's, but less of them, and with more rapid design change. Please only order a Phase3 if you are willing and wanting to be part of the project. this means: Feedback:  We expect feedback from you so that we know what works and what doesn't. Especially when we specifically ask for it. Collaboration:  You are a 'tester', and a collaborator more than a customer = by placing an order, you agree to work with us on this project. Patience: The design is always changing. No detail has been thuroughly tested for durability. Some experiments may not work as well as expected, and parts may need to be replaced or repaired. (While in the guarantee period we do this to the best of our ability, at no cost - but problems are to be expected. Again - this is a design project.) If you can't agree to these conditions, please don't order a t2-Phase3. *the simple + STP includes our patent pending design, built into the prosthesis. For more information on the STP itself, please see www.JetP.net
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This is the Phase3 site. Click Here for the simples website.