Die Prothese ist bisher sehr angenehm zu tragen und sieht erstaunlich gut aus! Ich bewundere deine Arbeit.   Liebe grüße,   F. Germany Feb 13th 2014       Tyron, I have received it and all i can say is WOW. Total difference from my original order. From the texture I noticed the skin was thicker. The color was an exact match this time. (…)  The pumping is much easier. Thanks again and all the best. R. USA Feb 7th 2014 (this is his 2nd Phase3, the first was made in early 2013) Hallo! Ihr seid die besten und nehmt uns Trangender die sich nicht oder derzeit noch nicht zu einem Penoid entschließen wegen der zahlreichen OperationsRisiken einen Riesen großen Rucksack mit Sorgen und schenkt uns Lebensqualität und Selbstbewusstsein!! Ihr seit großartig!! Allerbesten Wünsche Frohe Weihnachten und alles gute fürs neue Jahr! J.  Austria, January 2014 Hello Tyron ! I have very good news. My prosthetic works !! I can get it erect then release. Everything is ok now, thanks to you !! I thank you very much for your help (because it wasn't so easy for you). You are a real professional and I will tell all my ftm friends how great you and your prosthetics are. W. France, January 2014 Hello and happy new year!   I received my prosthetic a little over a month ago and it really is everything I could ever imagine it to be. After a about a week it has become a part of me. My girlfriend loves it and it has brought intimacy to another level for us.   Sincerely,   T. USA, December 2013 Hallo Tyron!     Bitte veröffentlichen J     Ich habe Gestern die Prothese erhalten, sie ist ein Wahnsinn! So Naturgetreu habe ich sie mir nicht vorgestellt! Meine Frau ist auch sehr begeistert. Ich weiß heute schon, das mir die Prothese meinen Lebensstandart sehr erhöht.   Vielen, vielen Dank für eure einzigartige Leistung! Bitte macht so weiter…..   Ganz Liebe Grüße aus Österreich. A. Austria, December 2013  Hello,  Just a note to let you know I received my prosthetic(....). It looks fantastic and seems to be very easy to use. I'm waiting for the Adhesive that was recommended that I ordered locally to arrive. Can't wait to wear it and use it.  Thank you so much for creating this beautiful product. My girlfriend and I opened it together and were so impressed by how realistic it is and how well it matches my skin tone.  I know there's a video mentioned but could not find it on your page.  The handbook was extremely helpful.  Thanks again for helping so many people feel complete.  Cheers,  S. Canada, November 2013 Thanks so much tyron!  (...) I'm just thankful and grateful for all the hard work you do for us. I never found a better product then yours.    K. USA, November 2013 Hi again, I just wanted you to know that I got the new parts, installed them and find they work so much better than the original parts. I'm still getting the hang of the pump and release but I am getting it.  Of course, I'm still very pleased with the aesthetics.   (...) With that, I just wish to say thank you again and I look forward to future orders and developments with the project.  Feel free to use any aspect of my emails for anonymous feedback. Yours, O. Ireland, October 2013 Hi Tyron !! Thank you for your answer. I really enjoy the prosthetic Very easy to pump and release within 15 seconds for me :) W. France, October 2013  Bonsoir Monsieur,    voici mon ressenti de mon tyron:    niveau de la texture c'est très doux, et a l'œil réaliste totalement.  Pour la plaque en U je trouve ça malin, et tient mieux que le tyron d'avant.  recouvrir son gland avec la peau qui reste c'est vraiment super.  Quand je suis en érection c'est très doux, mais par contre je mets plus de 20  minutes à l'être pas évident la manipulation.    pour ne plus être en érection pas si simple, je ne trouve pas la valve!  il manque la vidéo ca aiderait.    Concernant ma femme, pour elle, le ressenti est beaucoup plus doux.  Elle a plus de sensation avec ce tyron.  Le visuel est superbe.      je pense que vous frôlez la perfection.  Bien à vous l'artiste.  Et merci encore    M. France, July 2013 Bonjour Tyron, Après quelques mois d'utilisation je peux vraiment donner un témoignage complet de la tyron 3. Je l'adore! J'avais la tyron 2 avant et vraiment ça n'a rien à voir avec la phase 3. La phase 3 est vraiment réaliste, ma copine la trouve vraiment bien à la vu et au toucher. Pour le sex, c'est vraiment du bonheur, pour elle et pour moi. Je découvre que l'on peut avoir du plaisir avec une prothèse, enfin!! Pour les relations, je porte un jock strap car je préfère pour le maintient, et ça évite les moments embarrassants si la prothèse se détache pendant l'acte...  Pour ce qui est de la colle, j'ai essayé au début avec la hollister mais ça ne collait pas bien alors j'ai utilisé la colle secure brand qui marche très bien, ma prothèse reste collée plus de deux jours, même en prenant une douche. Vous pouvez si vous le souhaitez mettre ce temoignage en ligne. Je vous remercie pour votre travail. Le seul point négatif c'est les frais de douane mais ça vous n'y pouvez rien. L. France, July 2013 Hello,  Yeah i'm getting there, improving my technique with practice. I must say that the new tab style is genius. Very well done on a great product and thank you very much. R. England, July 2013 Hi Tyron et al.,   Apologes for taking so long to get back to you with you with more feedback.   I've being using the prosthesis regularly now for a while and am extremely happy with it. The aesthetics, both flaccid and erect are the best I've seen on a prosthesis and the difference in size and look in the two states is very impressive and realistic. I've used prostheses for a few years now and my partner says this is different in that it just feels completely natural. The extra stimulation provided by the blue knob is intense, in short the prosthesis is great for sex for both partners. The attachment plate is also very good. In the past, with other prostheses, I have had problems with the attachment during cycling and other sports as the attachment doesn't move independently; this has led to shifts of the prosthesis and hence excess adhesive esposed on the skin (not great when this tranfers to your partner!). This doesn't happen with this prosthesis and hence it is much more comfortable and I am more confident wearing it during sport/training etc. I'm using the Hollster adhesive and the adhesion lasts about a day, or just over, if I am training and cycling, but lasts longer if I'm not. Further, the design with the 'folds of skin' near the attachment plate make it look far more natural when on than other prostheses.   As you make clear on the website and in the instructions pumping up the prosthesis does take focus - it can't be done 'surreptitiously'. I am having trouble deflating it afterwards, despite thinking I had got this early on. Again, you make it clear that this takes a bit of getting used to in the instructions. Having to change the skin was perhaps advantageous here as I could look at the inside and try and see what I was trying to do. It also meant I could ascertain that it is easy to deflate without the skin, thus nothing is wrong with it. I am getting more consistent and think I'm getting there now.     As regards how it could be improved, nothing immediately comes to mind. It would be great if inflating and deflating were a little easier, but I realise that this will get easier with more practise and that there are competing demands here - the problem of creating something that will deflate relatively easily when required, but won't deflate despite pressure when not required. The length of time for adhesion is limited by the adhesive, the type of activities, sweat etc. - the design of the attachment plate is already very good. There is the 'stand to pee' function that I know you are working on. This an outstanding product and I would not be without it now. Customer service and communication at all stages is also excellent and I really appreciate all the extra efforts you went to with regard to my complicated delivery information. As I said before, my expectations were high, but you have exceeded them. The amount of research and attention to detail that has gone into this is clearly evident. Congratulations on a great product!   Many thanks and all the best,   A. Australia, July 2013            Hi Tyron, I just wanted to let you know the prosthetic has arrived.    First impressions- I am extremely impressed, it looks amazing (...) I've used high end prostheses before, but this looks far superior. (...)   I had very high expectations, but I suspect you will have exceeded them.   Thank you! A. Australia, June 2013 Hi Tyron,   I received my t3 late last Friday. (...) I wanted to wear it for a while before writing you. Feel free to use any or all of my comments.   While the color I picked turned out to be way too dark (so much for the lighting in my bathroom), I am pleased in all other regards. It is beautiful, well-made, comfortable, and performs as described on your website. It's amazing really! The instruction manual provided is well-written and concise. I had no trouble figuring out how to attach the prosthesis or use the pump to go from flaccid to erect and back. I also appreciated the tips and side notes. Thank you for pouring your heart and soul into designing a quality, fairly realistic, high functioning FTM prosthesis and working hard to keep it affordable. Using it, I feel that much closer to being a fully realized male.   Gratefully,   T. USA, June 2013   Thanks for your attention, and for the update. I like this prosthetic a lot, it is the best on the market. I think it could stay stuck to the body for more time and for me it is a little difficult to put it in the relaxed state, but it’s wonderfull C. Spain, June 2013
Témoignages : Phase3  2013
Les réactions que nous recevons constituent probablement l’élément le plus important de notre travail : les impressions dont nous font part les personnes qui ont acheté une prothèse nous permettent de savoir comment en améliorer la conception. Ajoutés récemment sont en langue originale (juin 2013 - janvier 2014) Nous avons supprimé tous les commentaires personnels, exceptés ceux qui étaient spécifiquement destinés à être publiés. Nous avons également supprimé les noms d’entreprises mentionnés dans ces commentaires. Tout élément supprimé est remplacé par (…).
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