(Stand To Pee)

Each prosthesis comes with a JetP (with the t2 Simple prosthesis also a connection piece) in the colouring of your prosthesis. The JetP is the STP device designed by t2 prosthetics.

You can attach a Stand To Pee device to the t2 Simple prostheses.

You canNOT attach a Stand To Pee device to the t2 Phase4 prosthesis.


The t2 Simple prosthesis includes a hole through the penis shaft and a well formed meatus for use with an STP device of your choice.





About the JetP



The JetP functions as an extension of your urethra - it works like a siphon.


You don’t need to lower your pants, you don’t need to point the penis downwards. You don’t need to pee in a straight line. For information about the device, how it works, and how to use it visit


Note:  The JetP is described in more detail on the JetP website. Currently I am not selling it on it’s own. The JetP shown on the JetP website is an older version, but the same general idea. What you see on this website is more up to date.

When in your prosthesis, you are unlikely to feel it at all when not in use, and no one else will be able to see or feel it. Also, it does not add stiffness to the penis.



You can place and remove it whenever you want, or leave it permanently in place.


Safety assurance


The process is safe. It does not interfere with the body’s natural urination process. To be assured of this, we investigated, researched, and consulted medical doctors.


As with all parts of the prosthesis, the STP device is made with professional prosthetics making silicone and silicone pigments: no toxins, oils, or chemical additives.


The STP is very soft. It cannot cut or chafe the skin.






Like anything that comes in contact with the urethra, or the general area near the urethra, the STP device must be kept clean to avoid infection.


Clean the STP, like the rest of the prosthesis, with soap and water.






There is NO guarantee that the STP will work for you.


You are responsible for inserting it correctly into the prosthesis, and to use it correctly each time you urinate standing with help of the STP.


The catch is very malleable, but you may have an anatomical variation – natural or otherwise - that makes it more difficult or impossible to create a seal with the catch.